Wednesday, 9 December 2015

On the ninth day of Christmas the library brought to me...

... news that we are rather envious of Father Christmas's delivery mechanism for getting packages to people over a wide geographical area, in a very short period of time...  

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Ok, so we're probably not up to magic reindeer and flying sleighs... but we are reviewing our Library Interlending processes for printed and online material.

In the New Year, we plan to launch a re-vamped Interlending service:

1. We're designing a better online request form.

2. Our teams are poised to respond to your initial requests more quickly and effectively.

3. We hope we can get more information to you electronically.

So, keep an eye open for the launch in the New Year, and whilst we probably can't match Father Christmas's delivery service, we're aiming to be more responsive than before.

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